1250 Bridgetown Pike
Langhorne, PA  19053
Phone: 215-499-6393
About Us
In 1990, I opened my cabinet shop in Langhorne after spending 10 years as an apprentice learning all aspects
of cabinetmaking and woodworking.

Since the beginning, I've believed the only way to complete a project properly was to do one project at a time!  
So when we start your project, we focus solely on your work and will not stop until it is completed to your
satisfaction. I personally will be on site performing your installation work and meeting with you to discuss your
project and answer any questions.

Another strong belief I have is accurate estimation of a project. When I prepare a price quote, I take the time to
properly price all aspects of a project.  This means I will not be able to give a quote on the spot. I will however get
back to you promptly in writing, and as long as the scope of your project doesn't change, that figure will be the
same at the completion of your project. I do not underestimate jobs just to sell you on price.  Your estimate will
include everything necessary, even if it means we will not be the lowest competitive bid.  I expect every project we
undertake to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and hope you would like to see it featured on this web site.

I look forward to working together.

Frank McClarren
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